The Link by Travel Courts is the premium lifestyle event for the youth basketball industry encompassing wellness, eduction, gaming and philanthropy.

Creative The link logo was an example how ideas evolve. Client and artist demonstrating flexibility to get the best results. The logo that now represents Travel Courts was created for the Link concept. The original name for the link was different and a proper logo was needed. The client and I collaborated to create a new name and logo concept. Website design is a temporary introduction site.

"Going through a rebrand as a small company can be a daunting task with a variety of factors and multiple creative directions to consider.  You want a designer to not only execute a flawless design but also be a part of your creative process.  I can't say enough about Derek's ability to both anticipate our needs but also help direct us towards new paths and strategies that ultimately improved our brand beyond our initial vision."


Corey Peterson, CSEE

VP of Business Development, Travel Courts